Microsoft Font Validator

About the Tool
Microsoft Font Validator is a tool that evaluates how closely a TrueType or OpenType font adheres to the current font format specification, as well as whether the font meets basic recommendations and deliverable guidelines from Microsoft. The Font Validator can be useful to developers creating or modifying fonts, or to developers who are creating tools to generate valid fonts. The Validator performs tests of 'static' data as well as tests for run-time errors.

The Validator identifies 'static' errors in a font by evaluating the font file and its component tables for their structural adherence to the spec, as well as for encoding inconsistencies within the font, errors with glyph contours, and out-of-range and unlikely values.
The Validator performs detailed checks of run-time errors (invalid instructions, stack overflow, IF without ENDIF, etc.) by rasterizing and hinting glyphs.

Getting the Font Validator
To download Microsoft Font Validator, click on the link below and save the .msi file to your hard disk. Uninstall any existing version of Font Validator before installing this version.

The download is 2.7MB in size and can be installed on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. Microsoft Font Validator requires '.NET Framework' be installed.


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